How to Write an Essay for College or University

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If you aren’t sure how to write your essay, or you are asking yourself, how do I write my essay?, returning to school or beginning the university program could be a daunting idea. If it’s been a long time since you’ve completed any kind of study or even essay writing do not worry, most schools, including online ones provide information about study skills with homework study guidelines and writing tips.

If you’re worried about your writing abilities you should consider seeking assistance with things such as punctuation, paragraph structure, spelling and grammar. Many colleges offer this for help for free, and you’ll also be able to locate a variety of free resources on the internet. One of the first things you have to know before beginning your essay is what kind of essay you’ll be writing.

There are a variety of styles of writing and it’s essential to know what’s required from you. Colleges, universities and individual tutors tend to have different preferences and it is important to ensure you are aware of the correct procedure for your class. There’s plenty of resources to assist you on the web, but be sure to make sure to talk with your teacher and writing tutor prior to you start creating your essay.

Types of Essay

There are many kinds of essays and their names will differ depending on the location you reside in. These include argumentative essays, compare and contrast essay, academic essays, cause and effect essays, descriptive essays and narrative essays. There is also the possibility that you will need to write an admissions paper in case you’re applying for a position at a universities or required to compose an essay in exchange for the award of a scholarship. Other kinds of essays include research and comparison essays. Understanding the kind of essay that you will need will help you determine the ideal structure. If you’re new to the writing process, consult your teacher to clarify.

Understanding the Essay Title

This is among the most crucial aspects of writing an essay. It is possible to write an excellent essay, but get extremely low marks and may fail the assignment if didn’t answer the question that was given. Therefore, before you pen on paper, make sure that you’ve interpreted the topic properly. If you’re asked to pick your own essay’s title It is an excellent idea to verify with your instructor to make sure the title is appropriate.

Brainstorming After you have decided on an essay title and know what it is You can conduct an idea-making session in order to think of as many suggestions as you can that correspond to your essay’s title. If you’ve got lots of thoughts, the next step is to reduce them to the most crucial and pertinent points.


The subject matter the essay will be based on, you might require background research. It could be to locate evidence to back up your viewpoint or argument, or to discover what experts that are specialists in their area know about a specific topic. It could also be to locate the latest scientific or historical information or statistics.

It is essential to record the sources you have used so that you can incorporate these in the bibliography. When you discover important information you can consider using, note down the title of the journal or book as well as the edition, page number as well as the author’s name, date of publication and the publisher.

or the website with the exact URL as well as the date that you first accessed the site. If you take this step while you’re researching and you can save yourself lots of time later. It’s extremely frustrating and time-consuming to discover a great detail or amazing quote, but you cannot recall where you got it.

Planning Your Essay

The process of planning your essay is the organization of your thoughts in an orderly fashion. This can be accomplished by drawing an outline of your thoughts or creating an outline of your headings, with bullet points for each. Your essay must be well organized

Essay Structure

Before you start making your essay, ensure that you know the word limit of your essay. It is common to be given an unspecified number such as 1500 words or 2000-2500 words. If you’re given a specific number, it’s generally permissible to use 10% less or write 10% more words. If you’re given a specific range, you should be sure to stick within that band. But, make sure to discuss this with your teacher since you don’t want be punished.

You’ll need to create an introduction that clarifies what you’re writing about, explains your principal idea and your perspective you intend to promote.

Then , you’ll examine each of the pertinent aspects and connect them in a manner that flows and is logical of the subject.

In the end, you’ll create a concise conclusion that will remind readers of your primary argument, and then summarizes the manner that you’ve supported the argument, adding a bit of strength to your argument. In certain essays, you may add additional information to your conclusion, for instance, the areas that require more research or the limitations of your own investigation, however this is something to discuss with your teacher or study skills support staff who can help you learn to write your essay.

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